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Organizational Chart for Your Brokerage House

Looking back to the starting point, we’ve come a long way in understanding what it takes to build a brokerage house. Without question, if you remain consistent, committed to the finish, and realistic about your goals, your time and effort will finally pay off. You now...

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Building a Brokerage House – Tech. Markets. People. Costs.

This is the third post in the Building a Brokerage House series. The first article sketched the business’s general layout, helping you define your services, product package, and target audience, while the second article put the intricate regulation side in perspective. I’m about to go deeper...

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Building a brokerage house – the basics

Thinking about my prospects made me realize that most of us are about to witness an irreversible shift in the way we live our lives. Many businesses were caught off-guard by this change, but, in all fairness, predictions have long since come true. With the world...

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Blockchain: the next unicorns

In the past episodes of this Blockchain series, I talked in-depth about the technology that both myself and other fintech entrepreneurs are convinced will revolutionize the capital markets. I conclude this series by discussing some use cases for this technology at various stages of the...

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