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One hot market that investors usually overlook

Lately, I’ve spent more time than usual analyzing the markets. Just like most investors, I was interested in how they will react to this Covid-19 pandemic. Do you know what caught my attention? Not the stock market rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Or...

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Q2 earnings

The past After a mixed Q1 earnings performance (see my previous blog post) in which I predicted and, eventually, saw most economy sectors under-performing up to the brink of bankruptcy (with famous „victims” such as Hertz International or LATAM Airlines), and the sheer rise to stardom...

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What to expect on the capital markets in the next quarter

Wall Street was preparing itself for a terrible earnings season. It’s not all bad news The negative influence of the Covid-19 pandemic has been deemed to be anything between dire and desperate. And, for most, this already is, and will surely be, the case. The exceptions are, by...

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