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Building a brokerage house – the basics

Thinking about my prospects made me realize that most of us are about to witness an irreversible shift in the way we live our lives. Many businesses were caught off-guard by this change, but, in all fairness, predictions have long since come true. With the world...

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Attracting investors: Romania versus The World

Over the last decade, I've built my professional life as an investor, focusing on 3 key areas: financial services, real estate and tech startups. I’ve participated in the setup and development of two major fintechs, and after those two successful exits I’m now directing my...

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How to build your pitch deck

According to several studies, the average American has an attention span of 8 seconds, and that probably applies to you, too. This fact has proven highly problematic for some industries, but as an entrepreneur, things are not so grim.
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