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As a professional investor,

I consider risk my core expertise.

Over 10 years of experience in developing companies with global reach, currently focusing on technology start-ups.

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“Generatia millennials schimba regulile jocului”

In 2015, at the age of 28, Octavian Pătrașcu made his exit from the position of minority shareholder at, a company acquired by the giant Playtech, in a transaction of approximately 500 million USD.

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Key Way Group is proudly announcing its expansion in the Middle East via its leading trading brand, with a major focus on the United Arab Emirates.

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Those who stay on cash, instead of investing, lose money and the opportunity to give something back to the community


The Cantacuzino Institute benefits from funding for the purchase of research equipment against Coronavirus from the CEO of the global fintech company, Key Way Group, Octavian Patrascu. Logo

The partnership between the public and private sectors is being strenghtend by the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic. Octavian Patrascu, Key Way Group CEO, provides financial support for the purchase of equipment to the Cantacuzino Institute.


2018 – the year in which I decided to get out of all the investments that took up my time. Logo

Safety prevails for the private business sector. One of the youngest entrepreneurs in Romania, Octavian Patrascu, CEO of Key Way Group, switches all employees to the “work-from-home” system.


Impressive support provided to medical staff! How Alex Bobes and the entrepreneur Octavian Pătrașcu come to their aid during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Logo

Capital markets vs. Coronavirus – Octavian Patrascu presents the fintech perspective about the present and the future of the global economy under the threat of a Coronavirus induced-crisis.

I want to make it easier for all you content publishers and media wizards to quickly learn about my brand, businesses, and core values. This is why I prepared a basic media kit containing high-resolution graphics, media photos & logos, and press releases.

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