Why you should use a pitch deck

28.03.2019   |  Featured  |  Press  |  Startup
They say the most successful entrepreneurs are the best planners, to the smallest details. That’s true, but if you want your start-up to attract the attention of an angel investor, you must know how to synthesize all the above details in a simple and clear formula. The document that contains that formula has been known in recent years as pitch deck. Since I’m perceived as an investor, I receive financing proposals on a weekly basis at least, both on Octavianpatrascu.com and on LinkedIn. Some of them are very attractive. However, I’ve noticed that startup entrepreneurs could earn a lot if they offered information in appropriate dosages and in an optimal sequence. And the pitch deck is exactly that: a short but relevant PowerPoint presentation, that takes you to the next level of the conversation, the one that refers to the money itself.  (more…)
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A few clarifications on startups

16.01.2019   |  Press  |  Startup
In entrepreneurs' and investors' lingo, the meaning of the term startup is pretty clear. However, after several years of business in this field, I've noticed the necessity of some clarifications, both for experienced businessmen and young people who tackle business for the first time. (more…)
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Interview in Bursa. Octavian Pătrașcu: “I’ve chosen to invest in innovative startups”

05.01.2018   |  Capital Market  |  Press  |  Startup
Octavian Pătrașcu gave an interview to "Bursa", one of the most influential business publications in Romania. Among the topics discussed there were:
  • Investing in Romania: low-risk means mostly real estate, although evolutions on the market may be influenced by changes in interest rates at banks or modifications in property taxing. On the other side, startups can be characterized by an additional degree of risk, because of the political and legislative instability.
  • Romanian business climate: it could benefit from political calm and simplification of procedures by means of technology.
  • Cryptocurrencies: they are risky, but blockchain and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) as a startup funding strategy might be here to stay.
  • The necessity of cash reserves: they are necessary for short-term opportunities, for instance. However,  in Romania interest rates are too small to encourage holding the cash in bank accounts, on the contrary.
  • Entrepreneurship: young businesspersons have to avoid getting discouraged by barriers. Failure contains the opportunity to learn from one's mistakes and the most beautiful part of an entrepreneur career is precisely learning from mistakes.
You can read the complete interview, in Romanian, here.
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