A few clarifications on startups

In entrepreneurs' and investors' lingo, the meaning of the term startup is pretty clear. However, after several years of business in this field, I've noticed the necessity of some clarifications, both for experienced businessmen and young people who tackle business for the first time.
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A startup’s growth stages

No matter how incipient it might be, any business called startup goes through a series of stages until it reaches maturity. Once I have defined it as a venture initiative looking for a business model, the most natural classification of the stages has to do with the type of financing.
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30-May-2016 Octavian Pătrașcu invests in ConsultaClick

The Profit business site published a story on Octavian Pătrașcu's investment in, a healthcare platform launched in Portugal that subsquently became operational in Spain and Brasil. In Romania, the project gives access to over 3,900 doctors and facilitates the optimal and transparent scheduling of an appointment....

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