8 startup and tech events worth attending

If you’re a startup or scale up founder, or if you are working up to launching your idea, events can be useful to see how others do or dit it. It’s useful to see what worked and what didn’t for successful entrepreneurs, how they think,...

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10 interesting Startups in Romania this year

According to a report by McKinsey, globally, over 12,000 Fintech startups are competing with banks for up to $1 trillion in profits of which up to 60% are at risk, in the following five retail businesses: consumer finance, mortgages, small-business lending, retail payments, and wealth management. As...

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How to build your pitch deck

According to several studies, the average American has an attention span of 8 seconds, and that probably applies to you, too. This fact has proven highly problematic for some industries, but as an entrepreneur, things are not so grim.
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Investing in a startup: How I make the decision

It seems that we read a story about some new, exciting startup every single day. And many of those entities that shape the way we live our lives (Amazon, Uber, Facebook) started out in garages, dorm rooms, or studio apartments as dreams. And for the...

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