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Q2 earnings

The past After a mixed Q1 earnings performance (see my previous blog post) in which I predicted and, eventually, saw most economy sectors under-performing up to the brink of bankruptcy (with famous „victims” such as Hertz International or LATAM Airlines), and the sheer rise to stardom...

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What to expect on the capital markets in the next quarter

Wall Street was preparing itself for a terrible earnings season. It’s not all bad news The negative influence of the Covid-19 pandemic has been deemed to be anything between dire and desperate. And, for most, this already is, and will surely be, the case. The exceptions are, by...

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Romania seen through foreign investor eyes

I am a Romanian businessman, but I consider myself lucky for being born in a time when business became borderless. In other words, I’ve been interacting with non-Romanian partners for almost 10 years. So, since this text is in English, you are surely interested in...

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Capital markets in 2019

  JP Morgan published, at the end of this October, a forecast for capital markets in 2019. While the general macroeconomic picture is positive, there are, however, certain developments that investors should consider. Here are some important trends you should be aware of:  Global GDP is...

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