COVID-19 entrepreneurship: the crisis plan

To say that we are facing an unusual situation would undermine the magnitude of the phenomenon that conquered every corner of the planet. Economic crises have happened before and will happen again, but it is for the first time in the last hundred years that the...

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Coronavirus vs. the Financial markets

After an extraordinary 2019 for the financial markets, many global companies had set unrealistic profit targets, with growth that would be hard to sustain. Let’s not forget that, for the first time in history, the US technology sector recorded market capitalization that exceeded 1 trillion dollars....

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What we have built with the help of a tech giant

If there is someone who hasn’t heard the name Microsoft, then they must have not lived on planet Earth in the last 30-so years. The company has become ubiquitous and provides know-how in many different areas of technology solutions, therefore has now become a sine...

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Attracting investors: Romania versus The World

Over the last decade, I've built my professional life as an investor, focusing on 3 key areas: financial services, real estate and tech startups. I’ve participated in the setup and development of two major fintechs, and after those two successful exits I’m now directing my...

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