HR nowadays

Many people think that the HR department only handles recruiting and administration tasks. Sure, hiring & firing employees or processing payrolls cannot miss from the department’s responsibilities. However, in today’s fast-paced business environment, the human resources teams need to step up their game and adapt...

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End of lockdown – Wuhan is the new capital of the world

“The beginning is always today,” said Mary Shelley two centuries ago She was quite optimistic, which comes as a surprise from a leading Romantic era exponent. Of course, she was talking about the excitement of an interesting adventure, a fresh day, a brand-new start. In the trying...

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COVID-19 entrepreneurship: the crisis plan

To say that we are facing an unusual situation would undermine the magnitude of the phenomenon that conquered every corner of the planet. Economic crises have happened before and will happen again, but it is for the first time in the last hundred years that the...

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