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I’ve graduated Academy of Economics (ASE) in Bucharest, as I have always been fascinated by economics – first of all by capital markets. I’ve even majored in International Relations, although I have had friends who told me that it was pointless, because I would never live to apply what I had learnt in school. Incidentally, this is exactly what I’ve come to do: interact with people from all over the world in various places.

The second faculty I wanted to graduate – and I did – was Law, for a very simple reason: to understand what I sign when I conclude a deal. This is something I humbly recommend to everybody. As far as I am concerned, my knowledge of Law have kept me out of the trouble’s way.

After my studies, I started off from the basics and I tried to experiment more. I’ve begun in a call center, probably the first job of any ASE student, to subsequently go through marketing, human resources, accounting and other fields. The experience I have such gained puts me in a position not to ask for the impossible from my colleagues in various departments so that I do not regret the effort I have had to make. By the age of 30, I focused 90% on work and 10% on family, without having any time for myself. Ever since I have become a father, I have been trying to dedicate myself more to my family.

Meanwhile, I have started to consider myself an entrepreneur, not only because I fit within the dictionary definition, but first of all due to my contacts with very many people. I like to negotiate, to help put things into motion.

From my point of view, success means to start from scratch, to build something and hand it over. I’ve managed to do it twice in fintech – once, for one of the biggest global online platforms, which in its turn was sold to a company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Also, I’m happy with the results achieved as a minor investor in Smart Watch, the Romanian startup that was acquired by Fitbit in 2015.

At the moment, I am involved in several startups, in various parts of the World.

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Japanese Business Dictionary

Last summer, Japan and the European Union signed a historic free trade agreement, regarding food products, cars and long lasting development products, among other things. There is a new ambassador in Bucharest and we do no longer need a visa for the short term trips to Tokyo or Osaka. Most certainly, Japan is a country full of opportunities and I have started by sorting out the famous problem of Japanese business etiquette. Here are a few recommendations I've verified from several sources:  (more…)
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