7 Strategies to Comply with GDPR (I)

14.06.2018   |  Tech
The GDPR provisions, the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the personal data of the EU internet users came into effect on 25 May 2018. The main changes have to do with the access to and transfer of personal data, which will be more transparent, if the users so require. We have approached in detail what these provisions involve in the previously published article here and here.  (more…)
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How GDPR Will Affect the Businesses in Romania (II)

03.06.2018   |  Tech
This is the second part of my presentation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), adopted by the EU on 24 May 2018. You can read the first part here. No matter the size of the companies, small, medium or big, the new provisions shall apply to all the institutions and companies that process personal information of the consumers in the EU. According to a survey conducted by MKOR Consulting, more than one third of the Romanian companies were not familiar with GDPR at the beginning of the year. (more…)
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