Alternative Investments (I): Art, Gold, Wine

04.02.2019   |  Capital Market
If the investments in shares, bonds or bank deposits seem boring to you, then you should have a look at the so called alternative investment market, which can be very roughly described as being everything that does not fall under the categories above. Maybe, in this case, you will be surprised to see that success is even more problematic here than on the classic markets. (more…)
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Capital market in 2019

15.12.2018   |  Capital Market
JP Morgan published, at the end of October, a forecast regarding the capital market in 2019. If the general macroeconomic picture is positive, there are, however, certain developments that investors should consider. Here are some important tendencies and my opinion on them.  (more…)
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Rumors about Crisis: What We Do Know for Sure

05.12.2018   |  Capital Market
The rumors about crisis have started to take shape: Romania might enter a recession – “technical” for the time being, that is two quarters without economic growth – in the second part of next year or in 2020, according to the chief economist for Central and East Europe with Unicredit, Dan Bucșa (Source: Agerpres). Here is my take on several consequences of the so-called technical recession.  (more…)
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Stock Exchanges Timeline

29.11.2018   |  Capital Market
The economic history helps you understand the present much better. For instance, you cannot realize why bank loans are a capitalization method more problematic than the risk capital, for startups, if you don’t know that the Dot Com Bubble and the 2007 Crisis have dramatically harshened the loaning conditions of the banks. Starting from this idea, I have made up a timeline of the setting up and development of stock exchanges. Assets started to be traded as far back as the Roman Empire, but after the Middle Age, economic innovations have precise dates. (more…)
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News on cryptocurrencies

24.11.2018   |  Capital Market
In spite - or maybe because - of this year’s devaluation, cryptocurrencies, or the alternative currencies of the Bitcoin or Ethereum class are seen by the specialists as an investment opportunity. However, be cautious! The high volatility of these investments makes me recommend some prudence in this respect.  (more…)
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